Preschool Program

Our Lifelong Learning School Readiness Curriculum emphasises enquiry-based projects and foundation academic skills to support children’s critical 21st-century school readiness development.


School Readiness (3-5 yrs)

Our Preschool rooms have been designed to facilitate the learning required for your child to be a resilient and confident learner, prepared for the transition to Primary School. We know that all children are capable of realizing their full potential if they are in the right environment. That is why we use Project based learning, appropriate technology and enrichment programs to spark the best experiences. Our Lifelong Learning School Readiness program stimulates young minds, builds confidence, resilience and positive self-image, and supports children’s transition to school, preparing them for a positive start.

What children learn

Children's social and emotional skills are so important during these years, and provide a strong foundation for early literacy and numeracy. We enrich standard Kindergarten and Preschool classes including Big Thinkers STEM, Aussie Wildlife Champions and Positive Living Skills.

Where children learn

Our classrooms and learning environments include Lifelong Learning Curriculum zones to encourage children to try new things every day. With both indoor and outdoor learning taking place, children can feel refreshed and comfortable as they develop their understanding of the world around them – and of their own potential.

How children learn

Children learn best when they believe that they can. Through a rich combination of play-based and intentional teaching, our programs allow them the freedom to explore their interests and ideas, and to contribute to learning and discovery within their classroom of friends, their confidence will grow every day.

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Our Programs

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Our nursery rooms and our program, Healthy Beginnings, provides your baby an environment that promotes a holistic growth and development approach to learning through the first year of life. We provide a warm and safe space for our caring and gentle educators to nurture and develop relationships with your baby, so your child will grow trust and a sense of belonging.

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Our Toddler room environments and Lifelong Learning Curriculum incorporates the Abecedarian Approach which is a progressive and personalised way for toddlers to learn to communicate their thoughts, emotions and intentions. Our educators take into account your child's opinions and ideas, keeping them engaged throughout their learning journey.

Aussie Kindies Summer Program


Our Preschool rooms have been designed to facilitate the learning required for your child to be a resilient and confident learner, prepared for the transition to Primary School. Our Teachers deliver programs such as STEM and School Readiness, facilitating the social, emotional and physical development children require in order for their intellectual or academic areas to grow.

Preschool FAQ's

We deliver a School Readiness program that specialises in helping your child develop the skills and dispositions towards learning that we know they need to be successful in school. We focus on ensuring your children are socially, emotionally, and academically ready to move to ‘big’ school. Our program, developed using research findings, focuses on early education that supports 3-5-year-old children to explore:
• Foundational literacy and maths skills
• Learning to recognize and write their name
• Number recognition and early maths problems
• 21st Century thinking skills and communication skills
• Self-help skills and confidence in being independent
• Social confidence and emotional resilience

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Lifelong Learning Curriculum

Developed by Affinity Education, alongside educational leaders within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, our Lifelong Learning Curriculum draws on the best models of early education, contemporary research and evidence informed practices such as Circle of Security, Abecedarian and Project Based learning.

All Affinity Educators, Teachers, Managers, Cooks and Trainees are trained and qualified in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum and are provided continual coaching and support, so your child is provided the highest quality of education and care.

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Flexible Care Options & Session Times

In addition to making our centre a fun and valuable experience for your child, we also strive to offer flexible care options that suit your needs. 

We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements with education and care service options that include full day and 10 hour set sessions. Please also chat with us about vacation care options, and how our flexible sessions can meet your needs.

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Why Choose Us

At Kids Academy our mission is to grow and instil in every child, a lifelong love of learning so they can reach their full potential. 

Through our number one quality and safety practices, and the Lifelong Learning Curriculum only provided in an Affinity Education owned and operated centre, your child will be cared for by a community of Educators, Teachers, Managers and Support Team, dedicated to providing the exceptional Early Childhood Education and Care.  

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