Why we Love Progress Records & Parent Teacher Interviews at Kids Academy


What is a Progress Record?

At Kids Academy, we use Progress Records to highlight children's leaning progress.

A Progress Record is an evaluation of children's learning in four key developmental areas:

  • Emotional confidence,
  • Social connectivity,
  • Foundational learning, and
  • Physical health and wellbeing.

The information from a Progress Record aids both families and educators in making informed decisions about the next steps in a child's learning journey.

After a Progress Record is completed, educators collaborate with families to set specific learning goals for the child and create tailored learning experiences that incorporate the child's interests.

For instance, if a child enjoys messy play and aims to improve their language skills, the educator might arrange water or slime play in a small group, using the 3N Abecedarian strategy to enhance language development.

During play, educators will observe the child's actions, encourage deeper thinking, and narrate the play to build language skills, such as saying, “I see you are playing with the water,” and “There are cups and spoons in the water, what will you do with them?” and “Now you are using the spoons to fill up water. One scoop, two scoops, three scoops…”

What are Parent Teacher Interviews?

We encourage you to book a Parent Teacher Interview with your child's educator to discuss their Progress Record in more detail and set goals with regards to their future learning. Speak to your Centre Manager to arrange a time.

Parent Teacher Interviews are of no additional cost and provide a great opportunity to ask questions and get to your child's Kids Academy educator and learning environment too.

Progress Records & Parent Teacher Interviews at Kids Academy | Information For Families

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