National Quality Framework

Our centre practices, policies and procedures aligned with legislative expectations as outlined in the National Quality Framework. This means that every effort is made to comply with the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulation, the approved learning frameworks and the National Quality Standards.

Copies of the Law, Regulations, learning frameworks and quality standards are available at your centre. Please ask your Centre Manager for more information.

The National Quality Standards (NQS) consist of seven key areas centres are assessed and rated against every 2-5 years.


Our Quality Support Team

In the same way that our Education Team and Centre Teams employ the most passionate, knowledgeable and committed experts in their field, so too does our Quality Team. Affinity Education is proud to work with an exceptional team of professionals, who collectively bring almost 180 years of education, training, assessing, teaching and regulatory authority experience.

When we talk about Delivering Outstanding Professionalism, our Quality Team comes to mind. They go above and beyond to support our centres in their pursuit of excellence. From supporting the overall vision and execution of our internal quality processes to coordinating support for our centre teams as they navigate National Quality Standards, our Quality Team possesses a high skill set of industry knowledge and coaching abilities. 

What does our Quality Team look like in action?

Guided by Affinity Education National Head of Quality Jodie McClelland, our national team of state-based Quality Advisors support the overall vision and execution of our quality process.  

  • Guiding centres as they prepare for their ACECQA Assessment & Rating. 
  • Supporting centres as they continually work to improve their ACECQA Assessment & Rating. 
  • Coordinating resources and support in areas of management and education. 
  • Applying industry knowledge and experience to integrate best-practices in centres and achieve high-quality outcomes for children. 
  • Identifying areas of opportunity for further improvement and growth. 

For more information, visit the Starting Blocks Government website