Family Responsibilities: Important Policies & Procedures


Arrival & Departure

It is a legislative requirement that you record your child’s attendance by signing in on arrival and out at departure times using our digital kiosks. On arrival each day, you can place your child’s belongings into a locker and any food or drink into the available fridge. Escort your child to where the children are grouped, and our educators will greet you and your child, assisting with the morning transition into our centre.

Please ensure you leave your child with an educator and never drop them off in a room unattended or in the foyer of the centre.

If you arrive and outdoor play is underway, please ensure your child is wearing a hat. Sunscreen is available for you to apply to your child before you escort them outdoors to play.

When departing with your child, ensure you follow the departure procedure, inclusive of collecting your belongings and please inform an educator of your departure.

Our centre is a smoke-free area. Smoking is not permitted in or around a 10-metre radius of the premises including carpark and perimeter fencing.

Authorised Persons To Collect

To ensure the safety of your child, authorised persons will be required to enter their own details in our digital kiosks at drop off and collection times. It is vitally important that you advise our centre of people who are authorised to collect your child from our centre, and that you keep these details up to date. Your child will only be allowed to leave our centre with authorised persons as identified by you on the enrolment form or by prior notice from you.

Our educators will check the authorised persons details and any person not known by our educators arriving to collect children will be asked to produce photo identification. If an unexpected person arrives at our centre to collect your child, you will be immediately notified to confirm if you have authorised this.

Persons collecting your child must be over 18 unless they are the parent. Children are not allowed to be released to older siblings, unless they are over 18 years old and documented as authorised persons.

Where custody orders are in place that affect the child, you must provide current court papers to have this enforced at our centre. In the case of a non-custodial parent arriving to collect your child, our Centre Manager will contact the police and then notify you of the incident. Our educators will follow the court instructions to the best of their ability. However, our centre will not be held liable in the event of a non-custodial person gaining access to a child.

Late Collection

We appreciate your assistance in complying with our centre’s opening and closing times. We are not licensed to operate outside of these hours. We ask that you arrive at the centre with enough time, prior to closing time, to collect your child and their belongings and exchange information, to allow the educators to close the centre as per our licensed operating times.

As a courtesy, it is expected that if you are late in collecting your child, after closing time, you will phone the centre to advise of this. This allows educators to alleviate any anxiety in your child and allows educators to make their own plans.

If your child is not collected by closing time, a late fee will be applied to your account, even if the centre was notified of the lateness. If your child is not collected by closing time, and our centre has not been notified by you, our educators will phone you. If you are uncontactable at this time, our educators will call authorised persons as detailed on the enrolment form. If after 30 minutes, your child is still not collected, our educators will notify the police.

Family Responsibilities | Information For Families at Kids Academy

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