Our Curriculum and Education Approach

Our goal is to grow and instil a lifelong love of learning in children’s first five years so they can realise their full potential.

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum

All our Kids Academy centres educational programs align with the Lifelong Learning Approach which our Educators use to support our little learners to reach their full potential. Working with our talented and passionate educators, we have expanded our educational focus to include contemporary, evidence informed practices and programs, designed to provide your child with the best environment in which to start their Lifelong Love of Learning. Our Lifelong Learning Approach aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework, and offers a rich combination of play-based and intentional teaching.

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Lifelong Learning Programs

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Our nursery rooms and our program, Healthy Beginnings, provides your baby an environment that promotes a holistic growth and development approach to learning through the first year of life. We provide a warm and safe space for our caring and gentle educators to nurture and develop relationships with your baby, so your child will grow trust and a sense of belonging.

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Our Toddler room environments and Lifelong Learning Curriculum incorporates the Abecedarian Approach which is a progressive and personalised way for toddlers to learn to communicate their thoughts, emotions and intentions. Our educators take into account your child's opinions and ideas, keeping them engaged throughout their learning journey.

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Our Preschool rooms have been designed to facilitate the learning required for your child to be a resilient and confident learner, prepared for the transition to Primary School. Our Teachers deliver programs such as STEM and School Readiness, facilitating the social, emotional and physical development children require in order for their intellectual or academic areas to grow.

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Lifelong Learning Curriculum

Developed by Affinity Education, alongside educational leaders within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, our Lifelong Learning Curriculum draws on the best models of early education, contemporary research and evidence informed practices such as Circle of Security, Abecedarian and Project Based learning.

All Affinity Educators, Teachers, Managers, Cooks and Trainees are trained and qualified in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum and are provided continual coaching and support, so your child is provided the highest quality of education and care.

Our People

At Kids Academy we are proud to be a part of the Affinity Education community of more than 3000 educators across more than 200 centres. Our educators are doing incredible work. Each day they help build the future of our country by nurturing the children in their care and instilling in them the skills and curiosity they need to confidently step into the world as lifelong learners. At each of our Kids Academy centres we have a well diverse and handpicked team, chosen for their exceptional care and knowledge to provide your child with the start in their Lifelong love of Learning.

Why Choose Us

At Kids Academy our mission is to grow and instil in every child, a lifelong love of learning so they can reach their full potential. 

Through our number one quality and safety practices, and the Lifelong Learning Curriculum only provided in an Affinity Education owned and operated centre, your child will be cared for by a community of Educators, Teachers, Managers and Support Team, dedicated to providing the exceptional Early Childhood Education and Care.