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Your child will realise their full potential through our Circle of Security and primary caregiver model for Healthy Beginnings.


Healthy Beginnings (0-1 yrs)

We know your baby’s earliest emotional, social and physical experiences will directly impact their future resilience and wellbeing, and we are here to support that journey. Our qualified childcare educators are trained and accredited in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum by Affinity Education Group. This incorporates the Circle of Security, Attachment theory, and Key Educator approach. Our educators are recognised for loving and caring commitment to each baby’s needs and happily adapting to your baby’s routine.

What babies learn

During their first year, babies develop trust in people and their environment. Without this secure foundation, learning in other areas cannot flourish. Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum supports those first connections, allowing emotional security, self-identity and self-confidence to emerge.

How babies learn

Through their strong relationships, our trained and accredited educators are able to ‘tune in’ to the individual preferences and personalities of your baby. They partner closely with families to create a Circle of Security so babies will thrive. Your baby will experience personalised care from qualified and credentialed educators, positive socialisation with other babies, flexible feeding and sleep routines and more.

Where babies learn

Our Healthy Beginnings nurseries are thoughtfully designed, with spaces for babies to explore and play, safely sleep and enjoy their meals. Look beyond the toys and you’ll see the careful planning and understanding of how babies develop and learn in their first year. Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum zones include stretch & grow, cosy corner, completely connected and discovery.

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Our Programs

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Our nursery rooms and our program, Healthy Beginnings, provides your baby an environment that promotes a holistic growth and development approach to learning through the first year of life. We provide a warm and safe space for our caring and gentle educators to nurture and develop relationships with your baby, so your child will grow trust and a sense of belonging.

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Our Toddler room environments and Lifelong Learning Curriculum incorporates the Abecedarian Approach which is a progressive and personalised way for toddlers to learn to communicate their thoughts, emotions and intentions. Our educators take into account your child's opinions and ideas, keeping them engaged throughout their learning journey.

Aussie Kindies Summer Program


Our Preschool rooms have been designed to facilitate the learning required for your child to be a resilient and confident learner, prepared for the transition to Primary School. Our Teachers deliver programs such as STEM and School Readiness, facilitating the social, emotional and physical development children require in order for their intellectual or academic areas to grow.

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