School Readiness: 4 Areas of Focus at Kids Academy

School Readiness: 4 Areas of Focus at Kids Academy

Starting school is a big milestone in a child's life! Ensuring children are ready for school involves more than just academic preparation. School readiness encompasses a broad spectrum of skills and abilities that collectively set the stage for a successful educational journey. In this post, we will outline the four critical areas that children focus on to achieve school readiness: emotional confidence, social connectivity, foundational learning, and physical health and wellbeing. By nurturing these areas, parents and caregivers can provide their children with a strong foundation that not only supports their academic endeavours but also promotes overall development and resilience, paving the way for a positive and enriching school experience.

The Importance of Early Education

In Australia, it is strongly recommended that children attend two years of preschool before they start primary school, as this provides them with a solid foundation in terms of language, early literacy and numeracy, independence and concentration as well as social skills and self-regulation. In fact numerous studies suggest that children who attend high quality early education in the two years before school are better prepared for the transition to school, achieve higher at school, have a more positive attitude towards school and learning, and are more likely to graduate high school.

Supporting Children Develop in 4 Key Areas

Kids Academy's School Readiness program has been specifically designed for children aged 3-5 years. It aims to stimulate young minds, build confidence, resilience and positive self image, and supports children’s transition to school, all while setting them up for a lifetime love of learning.

The program is part of our Lifelong Learning Curriculum, which is aligned with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. It is a government approved play-based approach to early education for children before they begin primary school, and offers a rich combination of child-led learning and intentional teaching experiences.

The School Readiness Program offered at Kids Academy focuses on four key intentions – emotional confidence, social connectivity, foundational learning and physical health and wellbeing while considering your child’s natural interests, strengths and needs. Below is an outline of what your child will learn and why it's important.

1. Emotional Confidence

Your child will explore their identity; learn to express and understand emotions in themselves and in others; develop confidence in their own abilities; and build resilience. These support a confident start to the new environment and routines at school.

2. Social Connectivity

Your child will learn to engage with others; to develop social skills such as listening, sharing and turn taking; and understand their impact on others. These help to establish new relationships and connections with others at school.

3. Foundational Learning

Your child will learn early literacy and numeracy skills; the use of writing implements; and research, discovery and creative thinking. These are the important beginnings to writing, reading, maths and problem-solving required for the academic side of school.

4. Physical Health & Wellbeing

Your child will learn about healthy living; increase independence in self-care practices; and enhance physical skills. These ensure your child is equipped to physically care for themselves and engage in schoolyard play in the school environment.

Growing and Instilling a Love of Lifelong Learning

At Kids Academy, our approach to Lifelong Learning is to inspire all learners to pursue and embrace learning, now and into the future. We believe that all people are capable of learning, and with the right environment and intentional support, successful outcomes can, and will, be achieved. Lifelong Learning begins with nurturing relationships; a secure foundation for developing trust in themselves and their environment. From here, learning, confidence, resilience and courage can flourish, allowing all people to reach their potential.