Educational Programs During the Festive Season

Starting At Kids Academy

Summer Program Launch

In preparation for 2024, we're launching two exceptional programs that will run across December and January for all of our children, from the nursery through to preschool or kindergarten. The first of those programs is our summer program, which takes full advantage of our beautiful Australian summer.  

Examples of activities that we have planned include water play days, mini master chef events, gardening clubs and art studio sessions. Dates for each activity will be advertised in the foyer. If your child only usually attends on a day that a particular event is planned, please check in with your Centre Manager and see if there is availability for a casual day so that your child can join the fun that we have planned over December and January.  

School Readiness Intensive Program

The second program that we have running is our School Readiness Intensive Program for our children heading to big school in January. We don't want to see the momentum lost from the work that we've been doing with your children as we prepare them to move off to primary school.  

The foundational learning programs you've become aware of, such as our Numeracy and Literacy, STEM programs or conservation programs, will continue throughout December and January. We've also added some fantastic inquiry-based projects for the children to extend their skills to ensure they are excited about starting big school.  

We sincerely wish your families the very best of festive seasons, and we hope to see your children all through December and January, enjoying our educational programs in all of our centres across Australia.